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19/01/2020 do 23/01/2020
Ceo dan

Park Plaza London Riverbank


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EB 2020

EB World Congress 2020 is a ‘must-attend’ event for any company involved in EB diagnostics, management, or research. This ground-breaking meeting will, for the first time, bring together all global knowledge in EB research, clinical management and the EB Community. Need more convincing? Check out our top nine reasons to attend:

1. As we expect delegates from over 50 countries to attend, this is a phenomenal opportunity to form global unity and synergies in the fight against EB. This is an ideal setting to make face-to-face connections with professionals in the industry, and take advantage of opportunities to share experience, insight, skills and techniques.

2. Kicking off with a welcome reception on Sunday, 19 January, there will be plenty of opportunities to socialise and meet fellow peers. According to Hubspot, nine in 10 people reported meeting in person is their favourite communication method. When personal connections and relationships are formed, people are more inclined to share information, ask for advice, and provide professional feedback. As the final day of the congress will be focused on the EB Community members, this is a rare opportunity for professionals, researchers and the EB Community member to meet, speak, and connect.

3. As 60 leading experts in the world of EB are already confirmed to speak and share their insights and knowledge, delegates will be the first to collective learn about the efforts and findings occurring globally. Examples of headlining topics include: clinical challenges of EB skin, advances in diagnostics and phenotyping, current dilemmas, funding challenges, clinical management strategies, psychosocial aspects of living with EB, sharing best practice, and a global approach to EB care and research.

4. Although information is currently available regarding leading skills and technique, attendees will have opportunities to discuss these topics first hand with relevant researchers and professionals who can provide in depth insight and practical information. Discussion between leading professionals, clinical management, patients, and researchers can lead to a global consensus on best practice.

5. Stumped? Hit a bump in the road, or just stuck? Sharing research, experience, and insight with like-minded professionals could open the information highway exchange. Learn who else is working on similar projects to make connections and potential collaborations. Researchers keen to promote findings will present posters, and speak about findings prior to their upcoming publication dates in professional journals.

6. As DEBRA UK is responsible for organising the event, we are expecting a strong presence from each DEBRA chapter worldwide along with partner organisations and sponsors. Organisations supporting the EB Community and funding research will be able to meet and interact with those living with EB, their family members, and care-takers on the final ‘EB Community Day.’

7. Representatives from industry journals, magazines, and news outlets will be present to report on the congress. The exposure from this event will reach a global audience, and continue into the build for future events. Frequent updates, photos and videos from the EB World Congress account will feature speakers, delegates, researchers, professionals, alliance members, and sponsors. Be sure to use the congress hashtags in the lead up and during the event: #EB2020 #EBWorldCongress

8. Sponsors and exhibitors will be able to showcase and present their findings throughout the four days, and be available for introductions and chats. The venue is equipped for private breakout meetings if desired. Learn who’s who when it comes to making a difference, and contributing to the world of EB.

9. What better way to help the progression of EB Community, research, and practice than being present for the First Global Congress on EB? Attendees will lay the ground floor, set the bar, and decide the direction for the future of EB research and care. Don’t miss this chance to make a lasting contribution.


Standard registration for EB 2020 includes all scientific and medical professionals (i.e. EB and non-EB specialist physicians, nurses, healthcare workers, researchers, post docs, and students), as well as DEBRA groups (e.g. staff and volunteers worldwide) and attendees from other EB organisations. Standard tickets can be purchased as either a Full Congress (360.00 GBP which includes the EB Community day) or selected Day Pass (180.00 GBP). You will not need to purchase an additional EB Community ticket if you purchase a Standard – Full Congress ticket.

Individuals working within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or other relevant industry wishing to attend EB 2020 may do so through purchasing either a Full Congress (720.00 GBP which includes the EB Community day) or selected Day Pass (360.00 GBP).

Stranica: ebworldcongress.org

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